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Recruitment of talents

With the value concept of ‘valuing talents, taking care of talents, reasonably developing and using talents, retaining talents and boosting talents’, Haizhou Biological Technology Co., Ltd is making constant innovation. It has an outstanding team with team members getting along well with and helping one another. They would jointly redress issues popping-up, point out defects of each other to facilitate success of the team and aim at propelling better cooperation and going after overall performance and harmony of the team.
Talents are the capital of a company and its most precious fortunes. We are forever sticking to the recruitment concept of ‘morality first’. All our staffs should know and abide by basic occupational rules.
Talents should acquire the following qualities:
First, sound character. Simply put, they should have principles, intense responsibilities and good professional ethics.
Second, good communication competence. They should confront issues with calm, treat people with sincerity and be kind to people.
Third, high innovativeness. They should have innovative awareness, form particular perspective when perceiving issues, have impulse of innovation and have the ideology of seeking for difference and courage of raising suspicion.
Fourth, initiative spirit. They should have high subjective initiative. They should have the awareness of self-development and self-development. They should have less dependence.
Outstanding talents form the basis to realize strategic objectives in a company. They are the impetus for sustainable development in a company.