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Aftersales services

1: Tenet of services
Users’ satisfaction is our sole goal.
II. Service commitment
1. Presales services
(1) We would receive guests with passion and speedily handle with users’ letters, correspondences, fax and other consultancies.
(2) Users are welcomed to come over to the company for observation in the stage of type selection. The company would like to provide technological materials of relevant products, timely offer all sorts of technological consultancy and answer questions raised by users.
(3) If users need it, our company can help train users on the knowledge of usage.
2. Selling services
(1) After signing the contract, users are welcome to send people to carry out supervision in the company. The company will timely make improvement on reasonable advice on quality proposed by staffs dispatched by users.
(2) We would strictly abide by technological requirements of the contract and relevant national standards to organize production with guarantee quality and quantity. We would deliver goods on time in the agreed site.
(3) Ex-factory inspection. Before products are delivered, the company would notify users to send people for joint inspection following users’ requirements.
(4) Before delivery of products, the company would notify users on and provide to users with guaranteed note on product quality and delivery note of goods. 
(5) If users require it, our company would freely train users on how to use additives.
(6) If users demand supply of goods due to insufficiency of ordered quantity or particular conditions, our company would handle with particular conditions and cater to users’ demands with prior arrangement of production in order to do our best to satisfy users’ requirements.
3. Aftersales services
(1) The company would implement 48-hour aftersales services, i.e., after it receives users’ demands for aftersales services, it would timely make a reply and dispatch people for on-spot services if users need it.
(2) The company would establish archives of users and regularly visit users. It would contact users in writing and by phone to ask for users’ advice and proposals. It would analyze and calculate proposals and quality issues raised by users in order to constantly work on company management, further improve product quality and marketing service quality, go after perception and satisfy users’ demands.